Friday, October 10, 2008

Reading List for Boys

Thank you, everyone who replied to my request for literature for boys. I'll let you know if I find Capt. Moroni in these pages. Here are your recommendations:
Books I Have to Read Before I Go on a Date (for boys)
* Les Miserables (Hugo)--for obvious reasons! (Nevermind the part where Jean Val Jean stabs himself in the arm with a burning poker just to illustrate his manhood.) * War and Peace (Tolstoy)--This replaces Anna K from the girls' list. I've never read it, but Jonathan acts like carrying a book named "Anna" through the halls of junior high would make him a wounded gazelle on the Serengeti. I trust that Tolstoy wove his magic into this one also. * Horatio Hornblower--for valor and honor, brave deeds, and what-not. * The Virginian--never read it. I'll keep you posted. * Great Expectations (Dickens)--illustrating what not to do. * Twilight-- (an unlikely bedfellow here, but included to promote the waning qualities of gentlemanliness:
  • Manners DO matter.
  • Don't look at other girls when you're on a date.
  • Don't devour her even if you really want to.
  • If at all possible, be wealthy, good-looking, and strong. (Not required, just helpful.)
The girls have LOUDLY pointed out that Twilight is utterly unfair, because he's already read it. We might have to pare down the list, but this is an excellent start! Thank you!


Doug P. Baker said...

An excellent list! For both the boys and the girls lists I might include Johnny Tremain. There is realistic chivalry in it, along with the difficulty of youthful decisions.

I have used a scene from it in discussions with my own daughters. Johnny showed some attraction for a young lady. I forget her name but I'll call her Elizabeth for now. So, as she mulled his attention over, she played with the name, "Elizabeth Tremain." Only once she decided that she could live with that name did she make any sort of response (even of mild affection) to Johnny.

Sally said...

Of course! How could I have forgotten Johnny Tremain? Thank you!