Monday, October 6, 2008

Problems with Grounding: Can she do a short post?

Yes, she can! Here's why I should never ground my kids: Jonathan: "Mom, can I use your computer?" (Nevermind the grammer. Wait, I'm having a wisp of memory. I think I grounded him from the computer. Why? Can't remember.) Me: "Did I ground you from the computer?" Jonathan: "Yes." Me: "Why?" Jonathan: "Because I was playing games yesterday when you said no games." Me: "No, you can't use my computer." I'm not sure I'm cut out for this profession.


Diane Linford said...

Jonathan gets some points for honesty here. I'm with you on the grounding thing though. One more unnecessary piece of information to store in our already stretched minds.

Carol F. said...

LOL So funny! Yes, Jonathan gets tons of points for honesty.