Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"China doesn't really match our family."

Eden (6) said those exact words during FHE. David was talking about the very UNlikely possibility of needing to move to China briefly for this job he has starting in April. 

He was in the process of explaining how we could make it work--rent 3 apartments right next to each other, since we're not likely to find a 5 bedroom home in a country that allows 1 child per couple. Adding to our weirdness--7 girls.

That's when Eden piped in with, "China doesn't really match our family." 

She has a point. Still, if we possibly can go, we will. And, I've already prepared everyone that if it happens, they will NOT be going to American schools. I'll drop them into a regular Chinese classroom, and pray hard for the gift of tongues. 

Just a thought.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Using Technology to Humanize the Classroom

Another big wow at TED. Just when I thought that the only improvements in education would be found by looking backward, here is a real pioneer. (For a fleeting moment, I had an impulse to learn calculus!) And all this brilliance comes out of his project to help his cousins. Enjoy!

Forgot to mention my favorite part: When you watch the data--teaching for mastery rather than just a pass--the kid who looks like a slow learner in the beginning, might look like an advanced student over a few weeks.