Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Strange Conversations with Little Girls

We had violent thunderstorms this week--Arizona style, but with much more rainfall. Standing at the ironing board during one of these storms, I heard Marguerite muttering to herself:
"Tornados and stickers . . . swine flu."
(This is my girl who still won't sit through a fireworks show.)
"What are you talking about, Daisy?"
"I'm just sick of a world with tornados and thunder and thorns and stickers and swine flu. I want to live in a world without those."
Can you blame her?


Ina & co. said...

Oh she cracks me up!!! Maybe she would like to live in Kansas? I think we've only had one tornado watch this year....

Jodie said...

I'm missing your kids, Sally! I'm missing turning Cruiser outside to a yard full of cute little girls that'll still dig in the dirt!

And...amen to that, Daisy!

Carol F. said...

LOL How sweet! Your kids are amazing.