Friday, June 5, 2009

Jane Austen Night

My dearest family,
Most regrettably, our Draper parish neglected to make arrangements for the traditional Fathers & Sons encampment this year--an oversight most egregious and NOT to be borne. In consequence of which, the most excellent proceedings of our annual Jane Austen Night have been derailed, though, I hope, only temporarily.
Being the distinguished institution that it is and SO fondly anticipated by the Linford girls, I propose that we proceed with our own plans, without delay. I will offer several options for your consideration.
June 16th presents itself as the half-birthday of our beloved patron, Miss Austen herself. What do you say to celebrating on that day, or if you'd prefer we could delay festivities until the week end, which would be Friday the 19th or Saturday, the 20th.
Do reply without delay. I am so looking forward to being together again at last for J.A. Night.
Your most faithful and devoted sister,


Diane L said...

I would love to participate. Any of those days work for me.

R said...

I wish I could be there! I also wish I could have crafted a response that even slightly resembled a passage from a Jane Austen novel...

Diane L said...

How's this:
Thank you indeed for your kind invitation. I await your response as to the exact time of celebration.

t said...

can i be invited? please?