Friday, February 25, 2011

my bad

Nice blogging snafu.  If you saw that post about my book club—that was meant for the new blog we’re trying to start. My finger slipped just as I clicked, and instead of clicking to SAVE, I clicked to PUBLISH. And, since Live Writer is so very efficient—all synced up to to the showerwall—it loaded to the wrong blog (here).

You might have thought I would have the brains to quickly delete it, but Iwhen I looked at my blog, it wasn’t there.

Refresh. Still not there. A cyber mystery. I had no idea, it would post with the date of my FIRST DRAFT—way back in August.

It was an ugly draft, and as soon as I posted, I noticed that somehow in all my cutting and pasting, Orva’s little blurb got deleted. The irony is, the only people who saw this dumb post are the people who have the showerwall loaded into their google reader—basically, David’s family—the only readers (of my 15) who would even know to look for Orva.

Orva, you’ll be glad to know, you had many people come to your defense. No chance you’ll be forgotten, not even on a temporary bad draft posted to the wrong blog!

There’s longevity for you.

Thanks, everyone, for caring. It’s fun to hear from you.


Marian said...

too funny, sally. i'm glad you didn't forget my mom on purpose - that might have caused a rift in the family. i thought it was a pretty good post for a rough draft! i love reading anything you write.

Diane said...

Yes, but I'm still waiting to read what you said about Orva??

I loved the post, by the way.

Eliza said...

That is so funny! I was a little confused because it was talking about the new blog and it was on your family blog, but it all makes sense now. Ha Ha!

elnaclark said...

It was funny - and now I want to read the REAL thing when you actually post the new blog. How fun to have a blog site for your book group. I loved it and if I had written it - that would have been the last and final draft. You are an incredible writer.