Friday, February 25, 2011

About that Orva . . .

We're hoping to have this blog up and running this week, so you can see the real post then, but to put everyone at ease, here's my blurb about Orva.


Orva: That sleek figure you see there is no accident, this lady is our health and beauty expert. She’s a true vegan and does hot yoga (Bikram) faithfully. She can help you identify the carcinogens in your life and is the person you want if you’re doing battle with an insurance company or trying to make difficult medical decisions—she’s an expert questioner.  She wins for most grandchildren: 26.


Diane said...

Thank you. I was waiting to read what great things you could condense down for her. Perfect.

Eliza said...

Very nicely done Sally. This little drama has been fun!