Monday, January 24, 2011

"Mom, is Dad a nerd?"

Here's a fun conversation I had tonight with Eden (6) : 
eden: Mom, is Dad a nerd? 
me: Yes. Dad likes to be a nerd.
eden: How do you get to be a nerd?
me: You just study hard, you get good at math, and then you're a nerd.
eden: I mean, does someone have to say that you're a nerd--like the mayor or someone like that?
me: No, you just declare yourself a nerd.
I'm not good at math, but I like to think that my closet love of the original Star Trek gives me some rights to nerdhood.
Catch an old episode here.

Live long and prosper!


Amy's Paradigm said...

I love your conversations--but I feel the love of math is too restricting for nerdhood. I like to claim it too, even though I am horrid at math. Can't one who knows more of 16th and 17th century politics, art and music than today's politics, art and music consider herself a nerd too? I'm just asking.

Sally said...

Hmm. I'll have to think about that. Would we have to differentiate: math nerd vs. humanities nerd??

Is there any other term for humanities nerd--maybe geek? I'll have to consult an urban dictionary.

Diane said...

I believe it's possible to be born a nerd, as well as simply becoming a nerd. We have very strong nerd genes in our family. I think our children were doomed from the beginning.