Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who gets sick in the summer? OR . . . happy birthday, Sarah. . .

. . . from my flu bed. Enjoy the swimming.

I actually sent David and the peeps down to his sister’s tonight for Sarah’s 15th birthday, so I could lay in bed, moaning.

Nancy informed me that missing your daughter’s birthday party is inappropriate behavior for a mother, but the swimming was planned yesterday, and I can’t exactly waltz in with my flu. So, here’s my attempt to make it up.

[btw: chances of my children reading this are, exactly, zero. That would be the equivalent of volunteering for a lecture.]

So, here’s my girl.

I like this picture, because you can see that there’s a lot more going on than her pretty face. This girl is complicated. Her fourth grade teacher tipped us off to this complexity during our first parent-teacher conference: “All these kids are 4th graders, and then there’s Sarah over there bantering with this dry wit that no other 4th grader even gets.” Then he raved about her artwork and advanced essay writing.

Do I sound like her mother, or what?!

David and I left that conference soaring like the parenting gods had smiled down on us and hoping that we hadn’t used up all our good-kid-tickets. (Those conferences don’t always go so well.)

This is exactly the look she had once when I was ranting about something and slipped out a “dadgummit.”  She held that look without cracking a smile and asked, “Is ‘dadgummit’ a compound word?”  (That was 5th grade.)

Which brings me to another interesting tidbit about her . . . She never dominates a conversation but can strangely control the direction it takes—unusual diplomacy for a 15 year old.  She’s obscenely helpful with the little girls and is the only one in the family who can do hair. (Heaven help us when she leaves for college.)

This pict shows her more playful side. She has these amazing eyebrows that can dance around independent of one another and everything else. Eat your heart out, Sherlock Holmes.

So there you have it: happy birthday, Sarah. I can’t believe you’re 15, and I can’t believe you’re only 15!

You’re amazing, and we love you.

Mom & Dad


Nicole said...

I love Sarah and I'm sorry you're sick. I would bring you some chicken noodle soup but it would get cold by the time I got to your house. Miss you Sally.

abigail said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah! And I hope you feel better Sally!!

R said...

I love seeing how your girls are growing up. Such a fun birthday post. The flu = the pits. I hope it passes fast.

elnaclark said...

What a beautiful girl!! She could easily be older than 15. Are you feeling better today? So sorry to have the flu.

Diane said...

Amen. Ray and I often wonder what planet our children arrived from, because they certainly didn't come from us. At least you can know Sarah came from both of you!

Amy Martinsen said...

If only I lived closer....I would come hold your poney tail and clean your toilet...I really would, you know. Not only do you have a charming daughter named Sarah [I have one too!] but you also have that lovely painting "A happy family" on your wall - which I do too...Ha!
If I can't hold your poney or clean a toilet or make Sarah cupcakes for her party, at least let me make you laugh - Check out my charming Sarah's leap O' joy that made her mission blog - Ha! It will make you chuckle, even with the flu - love you...

Carol F. said...

Wow, she is all this, plus charming in person. The pics are gorgeous. Congratulations on a beautiful daughter.