Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something for Earth Day: My Rainforest

Hi friends, this post (marriage: my rainforest) has been reposted here: 

I have to take it off my blog, so it won't impact the other site's search results for being repeat content. I've just left the ending here, since they didn't take it with the rest of the essay. 


Please, keep talking . . . "Who overcomes by force, hath overcome but half his foe" (Milton)


R said...

Well thought and explained. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Big Wave Dave said...

Beautiful, love.

Juliana said...

For anyone really interested in a fair and reasoned discussion, you make a strong and logical argument. I'm so impressed.

Thank you.

Joan said...

loved, loved loved your comments--you are amazing! Please send your blog to me all the time--you lift me and increase my understanding of important things. Love you!

mary jane said...

Beautiful, brave, and brilliant! You are a great writer, Sally. You should submit this somewhere for publication.

Rene Allen said...

As good an argument and as well presented as any I've heard or read, Sally, and the analogy with the rain forest, a precious resource, is well taken. I feel the country's Progressivist ideologies are feeding massive social experiments that will have many unintended consequences.

Where do we teach the next generation they are to be better - dare I name the ways? - than their parents?

Barbara said...

Why couldn't I have said that? Let's pretend I did.
Beautifully articulated and carefully crafted position paper. I love you.

Talmage said...

You so perfectly described the way I feel about this topic.

Proud to call you my sister.

Jenni and Mitch Miller said...

this was perfect. thanks sal.