Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Linguistic Gymnastics: Thoughts of an 8 Year Old

"Mom, can you lick your own tongue?"
Joanne asked me that as she rolled her tongue around in her mouth. I had to think about it. I don't know, can you lick your own tongue?
And is she really asking about the capacity of the human tongue or could she be probing the boundaries of the word "lick"? I don't know, but I'm completely fascinated that she could even conceive the thought.
After some consideration, I've decided, no, you can't lick your own tongue--like the mirrors in the celestial room where you can't see yourself in the repeating reflection, only the repeated reflection of the person standing next to you--only someone else can lick your tongue, linguistically or otherwise.
Ew. That was gross.


Carol F. said...

LOL Funny post. What if you fold your tongue over on itself and then close your mouth? Joanna may be able to do that.

Amy's Paradigm said...

This is amazing. Comparing licking one's tongue to the mirrors in the celestial room. I am as amazed with what you think of as I am Jody. Thanks.