Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Lie to Me": My New Favorite

I hate to promote TV programming in any way, but when my 9 year old tells me, "There's a new 'Lie to Me' today, does that mean you're going to do the laundry?" . . . I know I'm a true fan. . . . I also know, that is one of the most pathetic things a mother has ever heard. Absolutely tragic.
Let me explain. I had dragged myself--kicking and screaming--into my laundry room to dig it out. I took my laptop and started by watching Elder Uchdorf's talk from the last General Relief Society Meeting (*sigh*), but his talk was only 20 minutes, which didn't even see me through clearing the floor.  So, I sent David a note, asking if he had any suggestions thrilling enough to keep me in the laundry room. I watched the first 5 (and only) episodes. It was one of my better laundry days.
Here's the premise: crazy expert on micro facial expressions and body language combines his expertise with asking the right questions to figure out who's lying, who's hiding, who's telling the truth.  Best part: when they explain the universal meaning behind some expression, they'll back it up with footage of Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Blagogivich, Obama, Bush, every-freakin-somebody you've ever heard of. It's a riot! All public figures are fair game.
I wish they still had the pilot online at hulu, but you can see the last 5 epsiodes.  Here's the most current:
Trust me, it takes some powerful entertainment to keep my in my laundry room.


Diane L said...

We like this show too - and our favorite parts are when they show real people with those exact "lying" facial expressions!

The other Amy said...

I am both afraid and fascinated by this show - let me explain. For those of us who had difficult childhoods i.e. my real father was not a nice person, reading facial expressions is an innate survival mechanism. A few weeks ago, when the main character explained this - very well, I might add - I found myself crying. I felt like a burden had been lifted, but at the same time a trick had been discovered and exposed. Does this make sense? Alas, this is all much too emotional for me to absorb while doing the laundry...I think I need Andy Griffith for that.

Sally said...

Amy, I loved that part--very revealing. And, that is part of what makes you such a brilliant, intuitive person and a survivor. Proof: "All things shall work together for your good."

Ina & co. said...

I have really enjoyed this show as well... Alas, American Idol is taking over today. Can't wait until next week!!!

Carol F. said...

Sally, thanks for the tip and for the past few weeks I have been so excited for this show!