Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beyond Outcomes

I voted early this morning. It was just starting to storm outside. The voting room was warm. There was no line. I got my electronic voting card, and went straight to the booth. This election was like every other election in just one way: I was teary as I picked up my voting card and walked to the booth. Every year, I have to blink back tears before I get to the table where the nice lady puts the "I Voted" sticker on me. I can not look at a voting booth without thinking of the hundreds of millions of people who have lived and were never allowed any voice in the rule over them. I am part of a very small, very blessed percentage. It's still early, and I have no idea how the election will turn out, but it's unlikely that the majority will vote with me. Still, an election has meaning beyond its outcomes. Elections are an opportunity to clean up my thinking, to declare my allegiances, to put lamb's blood on my doorpost even if it looks unenlightened to a trendy majority. As long as I have the freedom to do that, I'm the luckiest girl alive! Love you all. Thanks for voting! Sally


Big Wave Dave said...

Beautifully put, my dear.

Amy's World said...

Thank you for articulating my emotions yesterday. Bishop Edgley spoke at the BYU devotional yesterday. He spoke on hope when things look bleak. So today, I remain hopeful that our nation can weather the storms that are brewing and that our freedom will remain in tact.